Semantic Parsing on Freebase from Question-Answer Pairs Semantic Parsing on Freebase from Question-Answer Pairs
Paper summary * traditional semantic parsers get around need for annotated logical forms by increasing number of logical predicates * semantic parser must combine predicates into coherent logical form * parser define few simple composition rules which over-generate and use model features to simulate soft rules and categories * use POS tag features and features on denotations of predicted logical forms * database is queried using logical language: lambda-dependency-based compositional semantics * given utterance, semantic parser constructs a distribution over possible derivations, each derivation specifying application of a set of rules that culminates in the logical form at root of tree * derivations constructed recursively by mapping natural language phrases to knowledge base predicates and small set of composition rules * to produce manageable set of predicates per utterance, construct a lexicon that maps natural language phrases to logical predicates by aligning large text corpus to Freebase; also generate logical predicates compatible with neighboring predicates using bridging operation

Summary by Mihail Eric 3 years ago
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