Smooth Interactive Submodular Set Cover Smooth Interactive Submodular Set Cover
Paper summary This paper considers a generalization of the Interactive Submodular Set Cover (ISSC) problem \cite{conf/icml/GuilloryB10}. In ISSC, the goal is to interactively collect elements until the value of the set of elements, represented by an unknown submodular function, reaches some threshold. In the original ISSC there is a single correct submodular function, which can be revealed using responses to each selected element, and a single desired threshold. This paper proposes to simultaneously require reaching some threshold for all the possible submodular functions. The threshold value is determined as a convex function of a submodular agreement measure between the given function and the responses to all elements. Each element has a cost, and so the goal is to efficiently decide which elements to collect to satisfy the goal at a small cost.

Summary by NIPS Conference Reviews 5 years ago
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