Hello Edge: Keyword Spotting on Microcontrollers Hello Edge: Keyword Spotting on Microcontrollers
Paper summary - Result of thourough research which not only covers major research, but also compares under same criteria/ dataset; This is also a great survey. - Train on 32-bit FP model, run 8-bit model. No retraining required to convert to 8-bit w/o loss in accuracy. - Provides comparison concerning computing resource, it's useful to design for typical (ARM) microcontroller systems. - MobileNet inspired DS-CNN runs small and accurate, achieves the best accuracies of 94.4% ~ 95.4%. Maybe SOTA. - Apatche licensed code/ pretrained models are available at https://github.com/ARM-software/ML-KWS-for-MCU. https://i.imgur.com/qahXKBn.png
Hello Edge: Keyword Spotting on Microcontrollers
Yundong Zhang and Naveen Suda and Liangzhen Lai and Vikas Chandra
arXiv e-Print archive - 2017 via Local arXiv
Keywords: cs.SD, cs.CL, cs.LG, cs.NE, eess.AS


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